Japanese Popstars – Song For Lisa (Benny Benassi Remix)

4 Mar

I think it’s safe to say that Benny Benassi has been off the mark for the past 2 years. People can make an argument that his track, ‘Spaceship’, was a great track, but it was ‘good’ at best. He was pretty much riding the massive wave of stardom that came from his monster hit, ‘Satisfaction’. Nevertheless, I think he’s beginning to make a comeback. The first hint is that Laidback Luke recently remixed his track, ‘Cinema’ (note: Future banger!) Second, the remix Benny did for the Japanese Popstars’ track, ‘Song for Lisa’ is absolutely phenomenal. It seems that Benny is starting to form a new “sound,” moving away from his hard-hitting electro-synths, to a little more of a progressive sound, but still having those synths around. Finally, a Benny Benassi track that is NOT “so-obnoxious-that-you-can-only-play-it-at-huge-festivals”. Have a listen, and you’ll find this track much more pleasing than his old tracks. Plus, the vocals are killer. Enjoy!

Edit: The song was leaked a while back (sep 2010) but it’s still great!


Japanese Popstars – Song for Lisa (Tong & Spoon Remix) —> Awesome tribal-esque version!


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