Nouveau Yorican – Chiuso (Chocolate Puma and Gianni Marino Remixes)

2 Mar

Nouveau Yorican is composed of the brilliant and wacky minds of Laidback Luke and Gina Turner. Gina’s electic, off-the-cusp style of music combined with Luke’s heavily drum-and-bass influenced music form a strange, yet awesome foot-tapping track. At first, you really don’t know how to react to this track. But, put it on repeat a few times and you begin to love it. As a bonus, the track sounds MUCH better when played on a loud speaker system (like Pacha NYC’s speakers). Anyways, although the track has been out for a couple of months, the remixes to this track aren’t available anywhere. Chocolate Puma, who are Laidback Luke’s mentors, and Gianni Marino, who is LBL’s new protege, came up with awesome remixes to this track. I’m loving the sound of the latin drums and guitars. Enjoy!

p.s. I know I keep saying this, but jump on the Gianni Marino bandwagon ASAP. This guy’s about to blow up faster than Antoine Dodson from the ‘Bed Intruder‘ video.

Nouveau Yorican – Chiuso (Chocolate Puma Remix)

Nouveau Yorican – Chiuso (Gianni Marino Remix)


Nouveau Yorican – Chiuso (Original)


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