Dada Life – White Noise/ Red Meat

2 Feb


Dada Life is becoming one of my favorite EDM groups. Their music is a take-no-prisoners, sucker-punch-to-your-face style that that makes them unique. In their own words, they describe their music as ” [wanting] to create that special feeling of crashing to the floor and liking it. Getting hurt. More face to the floor than hands in the air.” They put themselves on the map with the release of their monster-hit ‘Unleash the F***ing Dada’ back in November 2010, and look to become one of the biggest groups in the EDM scene. With the release of their banger, ‘White Noise/Red Meat’, which was signed to Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, I see a big future for these guys. Plus, it’s impossible not to like them. Just look at some of their Youtube Videos, and you could imagine yourself hanging out with those two goofballs. And I guess that’s the greatest part. They are winning fans at such a rapid rate because of the connection that their fans have made to them. ENJOY!

Dada Life – White Noise/Red Meat –> ANTHEM!

“The main melody drops in-and-out, leading to a breakdown, and then the melody swells back up to bring the track to its climax. The song is designed to lose your shit to, and it works as intended.”- The Music Ninja







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