Avicii – Swede Dreams (Plus Top 5 Avicii Tracks)

1 Feb

GTE favorite Avicii is back at it, with another huge release of his track ‘Swede Dreams’ on Joia Records. As you could probably tell, the vocals sound pretty familiar. He took a sample from one of the most popular Dance music tracks of all time, Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams.’ Personally, I would NOT put this track in my Top-5-Avicii-Tracks, especially with tracks like ‘Penguin’ and ‘ID’, and ‘Bad Things’, along with a track that he’s making with Tiesto and others, still due to be released. But, like his recently released track, ‘Street Dancer, look for this track to get to No. 1 on the Beatport Top 10 Chart.

The cow in the video was a nice touch, don’t you think?

One unique thing to note about Avicii is his success in establishing such a wide ranging fanbase, from people who rarely step into the house music world, all the way to people who have been listening to electronic music for years. As an added bonus, he is one of the only DJ’s out there who can attract so many women to a House Music Club, which is notorious for it’s sausage fests. (Do I still need to convince you to see him live?)

It’s a bit depressing when you see an artist, who you felt only you knew about, reach a point where your friends who don’t even listen to house music start talking about him. But, like all talented musicians, they were bound to become big at one point. His style of “melodic, uplifting house” is catered perfectly for the masses, and it immediately puts you into a good mood. And it’s even crazier to believe that he’s only been producing for a few years. Did you know that he’s only 21?? Try not to become depressed when you remember that while you were ripping bongs and drinking six packs of Natty Ice, Avicii was playing to sold out crowds while touring the world and living the ultimate lifestyle. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Avicii tearing it up at Pacha NYC

Whatever your views are about Avicii, you should at least have respect for him. It’s rare to see somebody climb the ranks of the house music ladder so quickly. I mean, how often do you see a somebody go from being just “some kid” that hung out on Laidback Luke’s forum, all the way to the No. 39 DJ in the world, all in the span of two years?!

If you get the chance to see him play, don’t miss it. Although he’s known primarily for his productions, he’s starting to become one heck of a DJ as well. And be prepared for an absurdly packed club. Don’t worry, it’s worth it!

Bonus: Top 5 Avicii Tracks

1. Bromance (Arena Mix)

2. Drowning (Avicii’s Club Mix)

3. Before This Night Is Through (Bad Things)

4. Penguin + ID

5. My Feelings For You


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