Jeremy Olander – Airsteala

19 Jan

Whatever their secret is, I want to know it. Could it be genetic? I mean, how the hell are the Swedes pumping out such a large amount of incredible producers? If you don’t believe me, check out this track, called “Airsteala” by Jeremy Olander, a 22 year old Swede who is being hailed by some as the “next big thing”. He’s definitely bringing something unique to the progressive house scene, including elements not often heard in this genre. The xylephone-like sounds are absolutely killer in this track. If I were you, I’d keep an eye out for this guy, because you’ll probably see him at a big time club in a year or two.

BONUSDirty South got hold of this track (it was signed to his label) and made this song even more awesome. EPIC!


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